Is this possible with pro forms?

Hi, new on bricksforge and have a question on pro forms.

i’m doing a travelling agency website, i’ve created various post types with
What i want to know, can i use pro form, to “simulate” those post types as products?
i’ve seen in docs that there’s the add to cart button action, but it says you have to insert a product id, so i think i could use “static products”, can this be dynamic (and post type independent) depending on what page it is? and can the form be populated by various custom fields?.

i have the post type “activities”
we create the “bicycle tour in rome” as an activity a 50$ price
We add a custom field with “helmet” as extra at 5$ price
the form wich i inserted in bricks template for “activities” will recognize “bicycle tour in rome as product” and “helmet” as extra, for a total of 55, then when customer will click send, it will be added as product in the cart ?

Hope my explanation is clear enough :sweat_smile:
and if this is not possible, can i add it to feature request? :joy:
(image is an example)