Issue with Pro Forms & Rich Text

I’m using the Rich Text field with Pro Forms to pull the post content using,

The content is being duplicated once in the rich text field as well as outside the rich text field.

Would it be possible to send me access via DM?


Fixed in 2.0.12 :slight_smile:

Hi Daniele, This issue is still happening for me after updating to 12.

Are you using the old or the nestable approach?


Straaange! Would it be possible to send me access in a DM?

Yep, I’ll send it on now, Thanks

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Hey Danielle,

Really appreciate the new features you added to the select fields as well as the prompt response. I can confirm it’s still happening. But it doesn’t happen when there are just text.

It seems to happen with posts that contain an image in the post content.

Did you update to the latest version?

Yup I did :slight_smile:

I’m on the newest version, if you got some time I can show you an example

2.0.14 should solve the issue :slight_smile: