Locked out of account

I forgot my new password and have been locked out of my BF account, and I cannot open a ticket without my BF key. Won’t anyone unlock my account for me?

We have just unlocked your account. You can log in again. If you’ve forgot your password, you can reset it and get a new one. :slight_smile:

Dear Daniele,
Thank you! We are hoping to use BF on this quick build. We want to use scroll video and a custom slide out menu for this project based on the on the wonderful projects you built shown on the videos you posted.
One thing which could have messed things up on siteground was that I created a staging server and named it staging.mydomain. I did not register the staging server with bricksforge. Could two installs with the same registration with bricksforge be the problem? In any case we would be very grateful and honored if you would come into the site and see what’s going on we sent you an email that all you have to do is enter your email in siteground you can get it.
Sorry but the client is getting anxious, so I’m feeling the pressure.