Locked out of Bricks Forge Account

I am locked out of my Bricks Forge account and cannot make a support request due to the site no allowing me to do so. I used up all my password attemps and cannot reset my password.

Hey! :slight_smile: Please send me your IP to hello@bricksforge.io – I’ll unlock your account :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniele, Just to make sure you want my IP Address for my computer?


Your ipv4 :slight_smile:

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Done, thank you!!

I just remembered that my IP address changes due to my internet provider policies. Please let me know if you are having problems.

I emailed hello@bricksforge.io everything (ipv4 address) including proof of purchase. Never heard back. Just wanted to check in and see what is the status? I am just worried because my ip address changes each time I turn on my computer. So the ip address given yesterday is no longer valid. Is there another way to reset my password to login into Bricks Forge?

It is very bizarre, I can log in on my phone, see attached images. But not on my computer. I am still trying to find a work around. No one has contacted me from hello@bricksforge.io