Lots of unneeded/unused css data when inspecting page

I have been testing out ACSS, Oxyprops and Winden. Decided to go with ACSS.
If I enable Bricksforge I get alot of uneeded and unused css, also from Oxyprops which has been removed. Am I missing something or ??
I havnt enabled Bricksforge global classes at all.


Hi @danstanley,

the problem here is that OxyProps does not remove their global classes when deactivating or deleting the plugin. If you check it in the Bricks Builder, you should see all global classes created from OxyProps, also while the plugin is not activated.

The code in your video is just an array with all existing global classes. Because there are 2.000 OxyProps classes, the array is so large. This has nothing to do with Bricksforge.

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Thought so too.
Ok so no problem moving forwards.