Lottie Animations Element

Please add a Lottie Element with similar options like your animations panel (scrub, triggers etc.)
I currently got Bricksable installed for that element and would like to lose it in favor of the awesome Forge concept with extension that can be enabled on demand!

Sorry - that was an off topic question, I saw. I move it to how-to.

Hi @Daniele and @MaxZieb,

so atm it’s not possible to make an animation (built with lottie) play, right?

What kind of icon animation format then would be possible? I have it also as json file.

Sorry for the naive question, if that’s the case for anybody here.

And thank you for any hints!

Bricks regards,

A Lottie element is in the roadmap and will be released in version 0.9.8 :muscle:t4:

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Absolutely awesome! This plugins races forward like a comet! :comet:

Thanks, Daniele!