Mega Menu Documentation?

Is there documentation on the Mega Menu? How to setup the megamenu.

Hi! :slight_smile:

You can check this video: Bricks Mega Menu Extension – Free Plugin for Bricks Page Builder! - YouTube
I’ve included this process and optimize / extend it, but you can add the menus on the same way.

With the version 1.0, the documentation will be complete :slight_smile:

I figured what I did wrong. I was inserting a nav menu on a page, instead of making a header template.

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Hey, with the ‘bricksforge’ version it is working for me the one from your website did not (Menu stuck to top of the page).
But one question, how can i close it if the mouse leaves the Mega menu - is there a way to do that? Which selector would i need?


The one from the website is no longer supported :slight_smile:

Regarding your question: Sure – you have settings for that (Closing selector). By default, the menu closes when the selector “main” gets triggered. But you can add an additional selector here.

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Should add a note on the download :slight_smile:

Just noticed when i activated bricksforge that it is the same but better !

It does not close on my installation, will look for the reason now that i know it should close. Thanks!