Mega Menu Issues and Conflict with User Role Editor (Pro)

Menu Issues

When we activate Bricksforge there is a conflict with User Role Editor Pro and the menu form is altered (WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus) for menu elements/links.

As you can see in the screenshot below when we enable Bricksforge the User Role Editor Pro user access options are missing (refer to “A” in the screenshot below). The physical form itself is also altered as you can see in the screenshot, comparing enabled to disabled.

In Bricksforge we started disabling features until we found that the Mega Menu feature is causing the above issues.

Our configuration is: WP 6.1.1, Bricks 1.7, User Role Editor Pro 4.63.4

Prior to deterimining the issue with Mega Menu we disabled all plugins except User Role Editor Pro and Bricksforge and observed no change. We also found no issues in WP Debug and Console. Disabling Bricksforge the menu worked as expected.

Hi @camber799! Thanks very much for reporting this issue. Would it be possible to give me access to the backend of your site? Would be very helpful to find the compatibility issue.

Regards :slight_smile: