Meta Box custom field not updating

Hi there, @Daniele
I have a meta box custom field that allows people to upload a profile picture. This has the meta-key: profile_picture
However, whenever i use the file upload field with the update user meta field set to profile_picture it doesn’t work.
Any ideas? I have the form in a pop-up but that shouldn’t matter as its still updating right?

Small edit, I have code in place that uses the value of the profile_picture custom field as the profile picture, this works!

Meta Fields are not supporting image uploads in the current latest version. This will work for 0.9.9. Already implemented :blush:

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Awesome! Is there a set date for release? I want to use pro-forms for this instead of meta-box’s built in uploader.

It will be ready in two weeks I think :slight_smile:

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Hi @Daniele I’ve just updated to the latest version of BricksForge (
However, this still doesn’t seem to work. I’m using the “File Upload” form field.
This is linked to the “Update User Meta” action.

I use Meta Box and have the following Custom Field:

However, updating the “profile_picture” from a pop-up doesn’t seem to work?

Does it work outside the popup?

Hmmm…I think Metabox saves the images in a different way as ACF. Need to check this. Could you send me access for your current setup?

Yes of course, I will send you a message!

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Tested outside of the Popup really quick, but that also doesn’t seem to work.

Added a compatibility fix for metabox. Will be included in version 1.0. :+1:

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