More flexibility in proform

Hi @Daniele
Last year when i was working with elementor there was a plugin for making form named metform

They have very nice idea to Make form and setting up fields and making most complex layouts easily

So much flexibility… Please check this link and watch the video too, also wptut make a video check this too

At the moment , i have to just searching alot for each field, so much scrolling in a narrow place to work with proform but if you get inspired by metform…
It will make the proform the best form builder (because you just grow it so fast and great)


I agree. Bricksforge already put his foot into the form builders world and has it’s own unique features. But, why not to get inspiration from other successful form builders to make the Pro form even better and more desirable.
I’m strongly believe that @Daniele can easily add more useful features and make the Pro form stonishing :+1::+1::+1: