More Video Tutorials or Sample Animations for Download – Please πŸ™

Hello Daniel,
please make a few step by step video tutorials for the animation part. It is really hard to get things done, if you don’t understand this in total.

Or give us sample animations to download, so we can investigate how the workflows and settings are in detail, thanks.


I agree with Angelika.

Since I bought the plugin, I am amazed by it’s versatility. But, what I am missing is a real focus on creating a ton of tutos for newbie like me.

Your pluggin is great, awesome, but people like me have no idea about what and how to do other thing than basic animations.

And, there is so much we can do with BF.

Just show us a ton of β€œreal life” examples, teach us how to do them. I am sure It will help a lot your customers and make your plugin way more popular.


Have you and @Angelika found this website yet?

It’s a start.

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Yes, I have seen these tutos on facebook, that’s exactly what I am looking for.