Nestable Forms Bug (Checkbox)

Ive created the nestable pro forms, added all the fields and required is disabled and assigned field id’s to the create new post action. But when i hit the submit button it causes an error message even tho ive fill up everything and it will create a post even it causes an error. Whats the cause of this error?

Another thing that bothers me a lot is i have select field which has the data of the parent category and a checkbox field which has the data of child category. The only data that will be saved into the post is the parent category but i already added the field id setup into the create post action.

Checkbox wrapper conditional is not working, basically it wont hide.
Ive set it to form field > added the field id of the select field (category) > equals to > extreme(value of the select field) > string. It will show the checkbox unless the select category was selected to extreme

Check the settings on the second video
My website is: submission

heres the settings of the form:

I tried to used only the checkbox field with data on the child category and put the field id in the taxonomy field and the taxonomy slug of the create new post action tab and tried to submit and it didnt store the checkbox field data in the custom post type.

Therefore i conclude that child category cant be added in the custom post type when create a new post action is used.

Does anyone in the community knows whats going on my issue? Am i missing something? Specially on the custom taxonomy for child category not be stored after submission

PS: ive tried to use radio box and add the child categories and it works but i can only select 1 child category. Ive tried to use checkbox and add the child categories and select only 1 child cat and it works, but if multiple selection it wont work

Still having issue in the error message when submitting

any updates on this on how to fix this problem?

Hey! Can you try the current BETA? You can download this version from your customer dashboard. It should solve the issue :slight_smile: Also, there is a new element “Conditional Wrapper” which can be used to add conditions to an entire set of elements.

Okay, will do @Daniele and i will give you a feedback about it

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Hi @Daniele, Ive used the new beta version and add the nested checkbox using pro forms with multiple data selected and checked the custom post type if its added. Still not working
I have a video to preview whats going on or if i miss a step

PS: the checkbox only works with 1 selected item

Hmm… could you send me access to the site in a DM? I will take a look :slight_smile:

DM sent

About your Radio list, I think you got the label because inside the Radio Wrapper you have a radio element. I have try both method (1 put like you in the data of the radio wrapper OR 2 put two radio element with value) and no luck with the Pro Forms Nestable, it break the submission (for me).

I believe Daniel is working on this issue for the upcoming version release. Ive tried everything and checkbox widget wont store multiple selection of data. Lets wait for the new release

Fixed. There was a bug when assigning multiple terms via one single ID.

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Thank you so much Daniel. When will there be an action after submitting a post it will route to a payment system?

Cannot tell any ETA on this. but using Webhooks, you could connect any service you like, using providers like Zapier or Pabbly Connect :slight_smile:

What about stripe or paypal?