Nestable Pro Forms – Changes for Native Form Actions

In the current Bricks Beta, a lot of adjustments have been made to the form logic. One significant change necessitates technical modifications for Pro Forms.

My aim has always been to stay as native as possible. That’s why Pro Forms have been leveraging the actions used natively by Bricks in forms up to this point. With the new Bricks update, this is no longer possible for the Nestable Pro Forms approach. Currently, I am in the process of replacing all native Bricks actions with custom ones.

However, this also comes with advantages! For example, many users missed the ability to assign a specific role or meta-data to the new user in the “Register User” action. Since we are now writing those actions ourselves, we are much more flexible in extending its functionality.

What does this mean for Nestable Pro Forms? In the current Bricks Beta, form submission will not work when using Nestable Pro Forms. The original Pro Forms variant should be used instead. However, since Nestable Pro Forms are experimental and have not been used on live pages, this should not be a problem.

I am making good progress in replacing the native actions, and the implementation is nearly complete.

The plan is to release a new version 2.0 as a Beta once the adjustments are finished. The Beta will already include a stable version of Nestable Pro Forms as well as the current changes. Since some code needs to be rewritten, a Beta release makes sense in this case.

In this post, I wanted to keep you updated on this matter :raising_hand_man:t2:


For example, many users missed the ability to assign a specific role or meta-data to the new user in the “Register User” action.

Another gold!

Is this a good place to post some feedback to Nestable ProForms and perhaps a feature request or should I create a dedicated post?

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Better a dedicated post to keep it organized :slight_smile: Thanks!


How should I proceed if I am building a website that will go live roughly in two months? I would like to use Nestable ProForms but wonder if it will be later compatible with the Nestable ProForms released in the stable version. I don’t mind if small adjustments will be required.

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Hey Luke! If you want, I can send you the current Alpha version which is definitely more stable as the current one :slight_smile:

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That’d be great! I will try to sum up sort of a feedback when I come across some issues.

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Hi all! I’m having the same issue as I need to get the values from the form to pass it along via API to my CRM. Is it working now? Any workaround to access the $form get fields?