Nestable Pro Forms creating a post in the frontend

Hi Everyone,

I was intrigue by the nestable pro forms. Its a game changer honestly, since im still exploring the entire element of the nestable pro forms. The problem i have right now is i want to have a page to submit post via frontend. I have a 6 custom post type using jet engine and i want the user to select which category they want to post their post. Once they selected the category another select element will show and display the list of the categories (custom taxonomies) in the select element based on the first selection, im confuse how to save the data into the specific custom post type that was selected.I hope theres a full tutorial on how to use the new nestable elements.

This is the flow of the submission

  1. Choose a Category (ex. Events)
  2. Choose type (ex. “Party” this custom taxonomy that was assigned for the Event custom post type)
  3. They need to fill up the Title, Description, and i do have custom meta field that was assigned on each custom post type.
  4. Once submitted, the post that was created will be on the exact custom post type that was selected in the first selection which is Events. The post will be saved as draft.


Any idea how to do this in the new nestable forms?

Ive figure out the part on how to display the category type based on the category that was selected. The problem now is the submission. Theres no condition that will save the post on the exact custom post type that was selected. Lets say i selected the Event Category which it has a Party Type category. Once i submit it, the field information should be saved into the exact custom post type Event and if i choose Activities category it will save into the Activities custom post type.