Nestable Pro Forms Redirect

Hey Daniele - It looks like the custom redirect is no longer working upon submitting the form. It does log an entry when you click the submit button but will not redirect…

Hey :slight_smile: Please always add the information if you’re using Nestable Pro Forms, as this feature is still experimental and needs fine tuning. :slight_smile:

Sure - Can you explain what you mean by add the information? Is there another place or way to report a bug?

No, the location is fine :slight_smile: Just added “Nestable Pro Forms” to your title. This way we know that the bug occurs on the experimental one.

Do you see any PHP issues in the logs?

Oh ok. No Problem. No, there are no errors showing…

Is there a way to upload an mp4 here? Its saying “new users cant send attachments”.

Daniele - Can you confirm if you have been able to reproduce the submit redirect bug?

Hey :slight_smile: Nope, I cannot reproduce it. Can you send me access to the site?

Sure - I just sent you an email with site access. Thank you Daniele

Hey Daniele - I know in the emails we exchanged, you said you had found the issue of the redirect not working. I’m just wondering if this will be a fix in the next release and if there is any loose timeline for a fix?

Also confirmation emails are not working either. Upon submission, an entry is created in WP but confirmation emails arent sending.

Could you try the new beta I released today?

I have. It is still is not working. The redirect and email confirmations. I have just sent you an email to see whats going on. I really need those to work… I appreciate your help.

Hey :slight_smile: It works now.

There was the following issue: “Sendgrid: No email has been provided.”

Then, I found this:

I think you forgot to add the Form Field ID for the email address. Therefore, because of the error, the form stops to process the actions after the Sendgrid action. Now, by adding the email address for Sendgrid, the submission is working as expected :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Daniele!

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