Nestable Pro Forms required field marker missing

When using the Prof Form nestable there is a setting to mark a field as Required.
However it seems that not every field respects this and the asterisk is missing.

E.g. My form has fields of
Text ( Name ) marked as Required and asterisk is displayed alongside the label.
Email works.
Tel works
Textarea ( main message ) does not work. No asterisk is shown.

Same issue with the fields icons. Again Textarea does not display the chosen icon.

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The latest update seems to have fixed this, at least partially.

I can now display the Required Field Asterisk on the TextArea field. Many thanks!

I still can’t add an icon to the TextArea field though, but not as important I guess. Just that if I’m using icons on fields I’d like to be consistent so they display on every field type.


Hey Alan!

The Icon is not available for the Textarea field. It’s only there for the “one line” fields. How would you display such an icon in a textarea field that looks good? Is there an example you can show me? :slight_smile:

Hi Daniele,
I don’t really have a current use case for the icons. I was just experimenting and thought that if I have icons in some fields then all the fields should have them to be consistent.
I’d just have the icon occupy the first position in the textarea field, the same as it does for all the other fields.
But you are right and I don’t think this is worth pursuing.

Thanks for the Asterisk fix though. Made a finicky client very happy! ( Honestly the things some people fixate on )


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