[Nestable Pro Forms] Suggestions for improvement

Hello! :slight_smile:

I have been testing the new Nestable PRo Forms and I have to admit that I am really impressed! However, Iwould like to suggest some improvements for some of the Nestable Pro Form fields:


Add the ability to specify a prefix and/or a suffix for the step values.

I would like to make a slider to select a price range. So I would like to add the € sign after the number.

Although I am writing the €, the slider doesn’t show it in the frontend:


  • To be able to specify a value for the increase/decrease step. By default, using the arrows, the values increase or decrease by 1.
  • To be able to add a prefix or suffix to the field. For example, following the same example, if I want that the user inputs a money quantity I would like to be able to place a suffix on the field value so if they input 3500 a € sign after it would be added by default. Does this make sense?


This is an amazing feature! As everything with the new nestable Pro Forms, in fact :blush:

I would like to be able to output the value from a Slider inside the live value. I have tried to use it with a Slider and it is not working. However, with a regular text field is working perfectly!


I would like to be able to make a group of checkboxes required. Not just a single checkbox inside the checkbox wrapper, but all the wrapper, so the user needs to check at least one checkbox to proceed.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

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