Nested Pro Form Tutorial

Is there a tutorial on how to use the nested forms so that i could get the idea on how to use it.

Im still having difficulty on how to use it.
Should i add pro forms first and then use the field widgets? or theres no need to use pro forms widget?
I tried to use step widget but it wont work

From the docs:

To insert a form field to your form, simply add the desired field as child of the “Pro Forms” element.

So yes, all form related elements needs to be inserted as children of the “Pro Forms” element.

Side note: The Nestable Pro Forms are currently experimental. Tutorials can be expected when this functionality receives the stable state. But in general, it’s all self-explanatory :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Daniele

i want to insert something here. ive added 2 custom taxonomy field with the exact field id of the checkbox and select field. 1 is for the parent and 1 is for the child.


but when i submit the post, the only thing that will be saved is the parent category. Am i missing something? i dont know if this is a bug @Daniele