Newsletter system with E-Mail Designer & Pro Forms

The E-Mail designer is a really great tool! It’s a breeze to use. Pro Forms as well!
It would be perfect, if there would be the possibility to use both in conjunction to create an easy and straightforward newsletter service.

I know it would be a huge thing to work on, but it would be a breeze to use :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying the Email Designer! It was really a lot of work. So glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Turning it into a working newsletter tool is a cool idea. However, I think that would be beyond the scope of Bricksforge. There are many other areas that need more of a focus.

But I’m not averse to releasing the Email Designer as a standalone plugin at some point, which works with all builders and also natively. So I can think about something like that :wink:


I’ve been mulling this over in my head, and I really think @sebastian is on to something here.

I’m currently using FluentCRM & FluentForms for a project I’m working on, but the complete separation from Bricks & Meta Box Dynamic Data is quite frustrating compared to my experience with BF Pro Forms.

And with your talents with dynamic data, I think a CRM like FluentCRM would be entirely doable. It would also make for a terrific “Email & CRM” add-on product to BricksForge, that you could certainly sell separately - but continue to keep completely integrated with Bricks.

I only have remedial understanding of this stuff, but from my experience with FluentCRM, an Email Designer as a standalone plugin would be very limiting in functionality compared to what you’re building using the BricksBuilder functionality and your own Pro Forms dynamic data tools.

2 more cents for you @Daniele

Thanks @Daniele and @Revere for you inputs.
I can fully understand that it would be a huge junk of work and think that it can be a add-on product to bricksforge instead of including it.
As @Revere pointed out it would be a huge bonus to have all integrated and working together nicely, especially having all tied together with Bricks/Bricksforge level customisation and way of editing and using Dynamic Data.

Bricksforge E-Mail designer is the best I have seen, much better developed as all others out there – so I would really love to use it for sending Newsletters.

I am not capable of develop something like this, but happy to help if you would need support in another capacity.

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I’m a bit late to this conversation (and didn’t know forum registration was separate to the BF account?) - but I’m going to agree. One of the things that is stopping me from fully adopting Bricks at the moment is the lack of a few good essentials, like a newsletter plugin. BF is a great tool as it is, but a standalone plugin that perhaps can integrate with BF Email designer would be amazing and worth it even as a paid addon.

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+1 this would be a gamechanger. There is no usable newsletter tool for wordpress which is able to display custom meta field from custom post types in the newsletter.
Just one example where this is crucial: a real estate website where the user would like to subscribe to be informed about new properties in different categories.
In general pretty easy automation, but no newsletter tool is currently able to display the property price or other additional info in the email.

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@Daniele I’d certainly pay separately for an email newsletter builder integrated with Bricks. I’m currently trying to create a weekly newsletter that dynamically pulls in new posts, upcoming events (CPT), user account fields and related user fields. This is a breeze to create in Bricks, but I have yet to find a good Email solution that allows me to use both the dynamic data and styling options available within Bricks.