Next Level Backend Designer

Anyone who’s been here a while knows I’m a massive BricksForge fan.

It does so much!

I see 3 main things that it does that no one can touch - tell me if you think there’s more:

  1. Pro Forms
  2. Backend Designer
  3. GSAP Animations

It seems to me like 1 & 3 have been brought to serious contenders with other similar plugins, but the Backend Designer is low-hanging fruit for taking BF to the next level.

Check out what this guy did to his backend:

If we could do that with BF, it’d send sales through the roof I think. This is a huge appeal to professionals, and BF is absolutely a tool for the pros.

My 2 cents.

@Revere he is using uipress though. Id love for a backend like that in forge, but thats a 900$ plugin, with focus only on that (its super hard to use).

@Spipov , the LTD unlimited sites is only $499 from what I can see. I’m curious where are you seeing $900?

it’s essentially a page builder for the back end from what I can see.

But Daniele already has worked Bricks pages into the backend dashboard, so it’s more incorporating a admin panel control system than anything else I assume.

It may be beyond the scope of what he had in mind, but I don’t think it’s anything he couldn’t do if he wanted to.

He’s already made a great competitor to Motion Page as well as IMPROVED on almost every form plugin in existence, so I think taking on a UIPress-level of backend designer would REALLY help him differentiate and make BF an even more essential plugin for the Bricks ecosystem.