Next/Prev Buttons & Form Submission

I have sent an email over the weekend as well, looking for a fix. I saw the prev & next buttons had a width bug that was addressed in the hot fix, but I am fairly sure there is still a bug. I have noticed 2 potential bugs.

1.) The prev & next buttons width cannot be set with the bricks style controls. When you set the width, the container grows, but the button widths do not.

2.) The form submissions are not being created in the backend.

Are you using the new Nestable Pro Forms approach?

Yes - I am, I sent an email showing the issues. I just sent another email with a video. Its not letting me upload the video here…Its saying new users cant upload attachment.

Understand :slight_smile: The Nestable Pro Forms are experimental, so it’s possible that there are still bugs. I can confirm both. Already fixed locally. Will deploy a new version probably tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!

Great - Thank you Daniele.