Nice timeline design in Glorify

As an inspiration… if you ever consider a redesign.

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Hey Max! :slight_smile: Thanks for this inspiration! Looks great! :slight_smile: At some point, I definitely will do a redesign. After finishing the big todo list :smiley:


Very cool design!

Would love to see if you can go deeper on Dynamic Data related features. Im doing a ton of ReactJS in the Vanilla file structure so I can avoid Headless and I have been thinking how some stuff like config settings for custom code to make finding the directory structure easier in custom code would be cool. Other stuff along the lines of interaction with ACF and Bricks somewhere to make hooks and functions. I think hierarchy of functions would be cool. Basically I think BricksForge allows Bricks Editor to be agnostic and BricksForge can add extra features for Dynamic Data in various ways.