No current way to extend conditions

The FluentCRM founder was asking to extend interactions, but the answer seems to be for 1.6 beta

AFAIK, there’s no such API atm.

The only option is to do it via code using the bricks/element/render filter or define a custom function and use it with the built-in Dynamic data condition.

Filter: bricks/element/render – Bricks Academy

That solution is a hack though. So, there is potential when they release an official API

Do you mean the Conditional Logic? Yes, we all are waiting for the official filters. They were at least announced at the penultimate release. :blush: For such cases, I don’t prefer the hacky ways :grin::grin:

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It is coming:

See bottom of article:

PLANNED: Element Conditions API

We’ll first collect some more user feedback about this first implementation of the element conditions. Once we are confident about the syntax we will provide appropriate filters so you can extend the conditions interface yourself (with your own keys, comparison operands, and values).

True, it’s conditions, so interactions is still up in the air.