Node based editing…

Some swear on it… some hate it, but it at least allows to build reactive programming in a visual way.

I just saw it being deployed to Penpot for tokens … neat!

Penpot Fest 2023 - YouTube (first talk)


I love that this is now becoming a reality! Amazing, to say it in the words of Daniele


Oh, there was even a post from you :smiley: Great! And yes, a node editor like this brings many challenges with it - especially if you build it on data structures that are already there. But I love it! And it’s going to be a really cool thing! :slight_smile:

By the way: I’m using no third party scripts here – it’s self developed. There are some node editor scripts available, but somehow it wasn’t what I wanted :slight_smile: That makes things even more exciting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, fully self-developed… even better, nice that you are so immersed in it that you can truly tailor it to the use case. By the way, there is always a post from me :wink: .
Having ideas or regurgitating them is so much easier than actually implementing them… great work!

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Hey Daniele, I pointed the “Bricks Builder Challenge” your way and hope to see you on the show at some point. Beginning of the episode.

:sunny: Sunny regards “vom Oberuckersee”

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Can you tell me more about the “Bricks Builder Challenge”? Somehow I can’t find anything about it :see_no_evil:

Here you go: