Not getting ProForms to update Pods fields for a settings page

Hey team. I have created a new WP settings page using Pods. I have also created a ProForms form to have a user update those settings. But I‘m NOT getting it to update the values in the settings page. I have tried using “Update option” and “Update Post Meta”, but seems I‘m not able to connect to the right post ID, or to hit the correct meta names.

For Option Name, I have tried using all sorts of methods. Pods comes up in Bricks by default. But I have also tried using the meta field name as it shows in Pods settings. Adding a screenshot here.

I hope for some clarity on this and the correct way to set this up. Thanks :pray:t2:


Btw, I’m using Bricksforge Version and Bricks Version: 1.8-beta2.

Hey @JohnMac,

Add Option and Update Option writes data to the WordPress wp_options table using the add_option() and update_option() methods. I’ve never used “Pods”. So you need to figure out how this plugin is storing the option data. If the option name is entered correctly, it should update the related option data.

Please re-check this and let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hey Daniele, thanks

I had a look here, and it looks like the details are stored in the options table.

But I will dig in some more.


This is what I find in the DB options table:

Hey John! :slight_smile: Have you managed to update the values in the meantime? I just see that Pods is free. I will test it locally in time and give you feedback :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:t2: Yes, I fixed it. And I just replied to your support email. While doing all kinds of testing, it looks to be that ProForms is making a mess in the wp_options table. Just adding in whatever is passed as fields/values. So it’s important to get this right the first time.

I could do a short Loom video on this to show other users. Lots of people are using Pods.

The update_option function (update_option() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources) automatically create a new database entry if the value does not exist. The documentation says: If the option does not exist, it will be created. So, you need to take care to use the correct value, yes :slight_smile: Otherwise, using many wrong option names, you will have many wrong entries in the database :slight_smile:

Thanks very much to make this clear. And I’m glad that it works now for you :+1:

Ah, thank you for that :ok_hand:t2: It was in my mind at some point, actually. So, to clarify, technically, I wouldn’t even need to use Pods for this. I could use ProForms, create fields, and the values would be created/updated in wp_options.


Correct! :slight_smile: