Page Transitions causing product image layout broke

just installed bricksforge.

after enable Page Transitions extension my product page product gallery layout will broke.
reload once will become normal. disable Page Transitions extension also don’t need to reload page to getting normal.

screen video:



What are you using for the gallery / slider? I see some Flex Slider references in your code.

I use bricks default product gallery. flex slider js is in woocommerce.

Could you try to deactivate all plugins expect of Bricks and Bricksforge and see if the issue still persist?

it’s a live ecommerce site can’t deactivate all plugin.

but I just try deactivate
Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
ShortPixel Image Optimizer
Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

still same. ToT

this issue still have, can’t use Page Transitions on my site

I have enable on different site only use

still have same issue…

I guess it would be better to not use Page Transitions for WooCommerce sites. It’s not really optimized for WooCommerce. To make it work, you need to add the compatibility yourself trough the “Compatibility” tab in the Page Transitions area.

Because it’s not really a bug, has there is no official support for WooCommerce, I’ll mark the post as “No bug”.