Page Transitions

Being that Bricksforge is the animation star of Bricks, if you could add on something like the barba.js page transitions, it could add massive value too!

Here’s a discussion in the Bricks Forum on this topic.

And it’s working it’s way up the idea board, but still pretty far off I would assume.

Just a thought…

Hey :slight_smile: Anyone would love this. Me too. But reality shows that such concepts are problematic in connection with WordPress - mainly because of dynamic asset management. If I were to include such a feature, in most cases it would lead to problems requiring individual customization because each page looks different and needs to load different data. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with support tickets.

But: I always have this in mind myself. If I find ways, I let actions follow :wink:


Hey @Daniele
I just tried page transitions/pjax and got some initial feedback. I’m not expecting to get a solution anytime soon, if any - but if you might give a response if there could be a easy-fix (since those plugins are basic, popular ones)

  • If you switch the website language, the header isn’t translated / language switcher not switched. (At least using Translatepress)
  • Woocommerce cart is’t persistand (if you remove an item, switch to another page and click on cart again – it’s back again).

Just some first feedback. I know such issues might occur using pjax & WP. Still love the possibility to create pjax websites :slight_smile: .