Password Reset - Email Method

I’m a bit confused on how the Password Email (Recommended) method is suppose to work. I did the following:

  1. Created a new page (Lost Password)
  2. Add Pro Form and set the action to Reset User Password
  3. I added a single field to the Pro Form (email address)
  4. I tested it out by visiting the new page and typing my email in the Pro Form and hitting reset. I got the email with the unique token link. However, the link just brought me to the WP login with no reset option.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hey @Mr.Tyree :slight_smile:

After clicking the “Reset Password” link which is a part of the email, you should see the following screen:

Do you have some security plugins running which maybe are redirecting to the login screen? I cannot reproduce the issue. Could you try it deactivating other plugins?

Yes I did, that makes sense now. Can the WP PW reset page be designed using BF?

I also have my wp login under a different url and my wp-admin and wp-login urls are protected… is it not possible to use the password reset if we have this?

Not yet :slight_smile: But would be a good addition for the Backend Designer!

@div Good question. The “Reset Password” email is a native WordPress one. Bricksforge has nothing to do with this. A workaround could be to add a Redirect from the Reset Passworld URL to the URL with the alternative link. This should be easy to handle.

Would be amazing, maybe we’d be able to create a template for this page with pro-forms?? :thinking: :eyes:

But how could that work after redirecting to the custom reset page? Since there no option to send the new password to the server side? Or am I misunderstood something? :face_with_monocle: