Performance and Accessability


I am dealing with the page insights to improve performance. I have this in the recommendations.

There are 6 lines of GSAP from BF each with different versions at the end. It seems to be something wrong, though I am not an expert (that’s my first wp project).

If if is wrong, how to improve this?

I also have issue with accessability (that’s also a terra incognita for me yet). But my project is dealing with disabled people so accessability is critical.

I get the message about my checkbox - “Form elements do not have associated labels”

My checkbox is this:

Ik geef toestemming voor de verwerking van mijn persoonlijke gegevens.

And also “Select elements do not have associated label elements.”

My select is:

Selecteer datum Selecteer datum Woensdag 22.11 Woensdag 29.11 Vrijdag 01.12 Woensdag 06.12

How to improve this?