Performance Issue (google page speed)

Hi Guys,
It’s a great plugin, now Im doing my first website with a lot of features disabled, at the moment is with Maintenance Mode and I’ll try animations.

But I have this on my google page speed,
with the plugin enabled (lot of disabled features) with 59 and 92 with the plugin disabled.

At the moment my website is running with WP Fastest Cache and the website is on development, isn’t live.
Are you testing this results? thanks for now!

I have the same issue.
With Bricksforge active, my mobile score drops from 96 to 26.

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Hmmm… in our tests we always had very good values there. Could you send me the link of your sites? What is causing these bad values? With an URL I could check this in detail and optimize it :blush:

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I’ll send a credentials in DM.

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Hi guys, thanks for your collaboration!

I’ve found the error here. It was an accident for the last Bricksforge Vue Build, which loads the file for the vendors also for the frontend, where its not needed. It will be fixed in the next version.

As preview:

Google Pagspeed Mobile Results before the fix for a new installation with Bricksforge installed and no caching or performance plugins:

After the fix for the same environment:


Awesome! that’s great news. Thanks for the rapid update on the issue :smiley:


Hi guys,
I still have the same issue with the performance score. While plugin activated, the score dramatically drops down in PSI and also GT Metrix. We also encounter " Properly defines charset" error in “best practice” section. As I searched this means that the meta value ( charset=UTF-8) is not defined, but when I have a look at the source page it’s there :thinking:
Also the “Total Blocking Time” goes very high, and I think these are the reasons behind why performance score dropped down significantly.

Could you please check if it’s just me???
I tested in my two websites and I see the same result.
By the way, I just activated the plugin and toggled on few extensions and elements but didn’t use any inside the builder.


Thanks! @all what could you say about this? For me, checking on different websites, after fixed the bug in the last version I get very good Page Insights values. Would appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Sadly I still experience the same. My mobile score drops from 98 to 25 when plugin is activated. Using latest version.
Clearing cache between tests and it’s just the Bricksforge plugin that makes the score drops.

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Hi @Daniele
I also experienced such an issue with version 0.9.1.

Nice to know you found the issue.

Looking forward to seeing the new release.

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Hi guys, I could reproduce the issue. It’s interesting that for my servers this not happen, but I see this on different other server environments. And I think I found the issue here. Just to be sure: Nima, I’ve sent you a message. Could you check this and let me know? I’ve implemented the fix to your website.

Version 0.9.2 should definitely fix this performance issue. I agree – it’s a no go! :blush:


Daniele fixed the issue for me :revolving_hearts:
Getting great scores again. Should be fixed in the next update


Special thanks for @Daniele ,
I can confirm all performance issues are gone now, see 2 images below, before and after activating the plugin

before activating:

After activating:


It’s possible that the plugin is having a negative impact on your page speed. However, it’s also possible that there are other factors at play. I would recommend disabling the plugin and testing your page speed again to see if there is any improvement. If there is no improvement, then you can start to investigate other possible causes. I would recommend using a tool like RabbitLoader to help you optimize your website for speed. RabbitLoader can help you to minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files, remove unused files, optimize images, and lazy load images.