PJAX issue with offcanvas element

There appears to be an issue with pjax and offcanvas elements. I have a standard offcanvas element with links inside the header template. When the page is loaded normally the offcanvas is able to be triggered by the toggle element but once I click on one of the links and go to another page I can’t trigger the offcanvas element unless I refresh the page. It appears to have something to do with pjax because moment I switched it off the offcanvas worked again. I don’t actually need pjax for this project so not sure why I switched it on but haven’t changed any of the settings on it yet so everything is still default. I’m on a local dev site so I don’t have a link but just thought I would point it out in case it’s a bug that you’re able to replicate and fix.

Hey! :slight_smile: Just tried it. Pjax works wunderfully with the Bricks native Offcanvas element here. Do you see any javascript errors in the console? Or are you using the Offcanvas from BricksExtras?