PJAX (page transition) not compatible with any third party plugin

The Page transition extension is awesome. My clients are loving it. I’m not a developer. I don’t know how you manage to do the things you guys do, but I think if you managed to make Bricksforge, you should be able to make it better. If you partner with Bricks, and take all of this to the next level, you will beat the whole WIX.com and similar competitors ERA!
The way to that, (I think) is to enhance the features that make Wordpress websites closer to what users expect from Web Application rather than websites! That’s how to find room for yourselves in the modern web design and development world.
PJAX was a great start. It’s just not useful yet, considering that it doesn’t function properly with any third party plugins. Keep in mind that the developers who use Wordpress, have dozens of third party plugins installed.
Question is: Is there a way to take PJAX to the next level by making sure it is compatible with the best bricks builder addon pugins in the market? You know, stuff such as BricksExtras Modals.
For instance, I had to disable Page Transition Extension in one of my websites, just because I had way too many popups made using Bricksextras modal element (It simply doens’t work well with PJAX and it’s top priority on some of my more advanced websites.)
I think you are doing a great job and I hope you keep on doing so, and know that it will turn you into the number one go-to plugin for many developers like myself.
TNX a lot for your contribution :slight_smile:

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Hey alee,

Due to the nature of WordPress, it’s pretty much impossible to create a plugin that can enable pjax and keep functionality of all 3rd party plugins.

The good news is that Bricksforge comes with a compatibility function, that allows you to specify which functions you want to be reinitialised on page load.

I posted a tutorial on how to figure this out, here: Here's a list of functions to add 3rd party features back into pjax pageloads, and how to do it

Let me know if you run into any problems, or have any questions, and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.


Great :slight_smile: It worked. Thank you so much.
So, no more problems with Bricksextras.
Isn’t there a way that we could exclude certain pages from being loaded through PJAX?
For example (when loading via PJAX), I still can’t use my JetEngine Forms if I have certain conditions applied to the fields. It works fine when the page is manually refreshed, but doesn’t work properly when loaded via PJAX. So, I thought if I can exclude that one page from PJAX loading, it would solve my problem.

Have you tried using the same technique to get the jetengine functions running?