Play Background video on page load not working

Im unable to get the play video option in the bricksforge panel to work. I want to buypass low power mode on iphone and use bricksforge to play a background video I have set. Is this possible?

Frankly haven’t tested playing vids in low power mode but whenever a video didn’t play for me it was usually cause I had to enable the mute toggle on the video. Browsers tend to block autoplay if sound is enabled.

Not sure if that’s the issue in this case but worth double checking I guess :wink:

yea no this isnt the case. It works when its not on low power mode. i have both of those enabled

Found two solutions which you’ll need to add some little snippets for and maybe put your video into manually in a codeblock. Definitely needs some tinkering but these two should get you started.

Seems like safari needs the user to interact with first. If the vid is in the herosection of your site, that might not be the best solution but added it just in case → How to autoplay video in a website when mobile device is on low power mode - Shakti Singh Cheema

Found another trick, which I’d personally try first, which uses an img tag instead of a video tag if its safari → Apple Devices: Enabling Autoplay in Safari’s | Rafał Leśniak

Tons of snippets out there if you search for “enable video autoplay in safari low power mode”, just gotta find the one that works.

Feel free to post back if you’re unsure where to add the code or anything :slight_smile: