Posibility to use variables in backend designer

I would love to can use my custom variable color for the backend designer, like that I will be adding the color brand by variables and I will can have pre-configured un my blueprint.

Could be that possible?

Thank You

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Hi @Daniele
Could I hove some info about that?

Thank You

Hi Marco, unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to look at it yet. As soon as I know more, I’ll reply to this post :slight_smile:

Thank you For take the time to answer @Daniele !

I seen in discord that you asked if there is something else that can be improved in the backend designer. I left you here few suggestions:

  • Admin Bar: Background color & Text color

  • Admin Bar: Hide for non admin

  • Admin bar: Hide menu that appears when you hover the wp logo

  • Buttons: Background hover color & Text hover color

  • Buttons: Border & Border hover

  • Buttons: Add control for the tertiary button (Is the one that we see in Guttenberg and it’s annoying) (another option is that the one that is now don’t act in the tertiary button)

  • General: Have the possibility to reset settings only for the actual page (Now you only have the possibility to reset all)

  • General: Possibility to export options (useful when we will can use variables, because I repeat the same variables everywhere)

  • Suggestion: Move “Tables” under “Pages”.

This are the things that personally I miss when I use it.

Thank You very much for all the work!!!

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Did you manage to get this done marco? Trying to get my framework into backend

Yes, I did.

Witch framework are you using?

Core framework

Would like to know both for core and acss