Pre-paid/subscription for Open AI tokens

Consider introducing a resale option for Open AI API tokens with a licensing agreement. By adding a slight handling margin, users can access the service with greater convenience. Offer either/or monthly subscriptions and prepaid packages based on user preference.

Pipe dream: Additionally, consider partnering with Max from Advanced Themer to launch a combined relay service, allowing instant access for both products while sharing the burden.

AI can be enabled the moment you enter your valid license key and have tokens left.


My thinking is that those with access to the OpenAI API can maximize its features, while others can use this platform as an introduction or for casual interactions.

I am not sure how many people actually have keys and use the features. That is where this is coming from… it feels underutilized and like AI could potentially play even a bigger role in BricksForge.

As I mentioned in FB post, I strongly support the idea! Although I want to use my own API, the idea is good actually! I can pass the website to a client and let him pay for the subscription (he/she maybe doesn’t have an OpenAI account and API, but wants to use BF or AT).

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I’m not active on Facebook, so I’m out of the loop there. However, I value convenience, and it’s clear that AI is becoming an integral part of our future, whether we embrace it or not. At present, BricksForge incorporates AI in one area, but there’s potential for broader integration. There’s also the consideration of BricksForge possible transitioning to a subscription model for good.

I’d even suggest integrating this AI feature and allocating a portion of the subscription fee towards monthly token credits. For those with a lifetime deal, provide an initial allotment of tokens, with an option to replenish. Retaining the choice for an individual OpenAI key is crucial for pro and power users.

By adopting this approach, we not only ensure continuous AI functionality but also encourage its wider adoption, driving further innovation and engagement from both developers and users.

To clarify, I’m not referring primarily to the basic integration that competes with ChatGPT in open-ended questioning, as seen in Advanced Themer. BricksForge’s approach is more sophisticated. Thanks to @Daniele’s efforts to go above and beyond, he has employed a recently released function mapping version by Open AI that offers a profound and seamless integration. This method of prompt mapping, introduced a few months ago, enables OpenAI GPT to effectively interact with APIs. Many have yet to realize the full potential of this approach. Open AI can effectively trigger functions in your software package based on the context aware prompt.

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The main issue is one of cost, I think. Usually when you pay for access to AI through a 3rd party, you’re going to pay a much higher rate than if you used your own API key. I’ve used AI pretty extensively this year via my API key and have never been charged more than 50 cents in a month. Because a developer never knows if the people accessing their service will be light users or heavy users, they have to charge enough to cover all sides. So, maybe just having good documentation for setting up an API key and its benefits would be good for most people, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a “prepaid” option for those who don’t want to mess with it. It’s just good to know that you’ll likely spend considerably more by not using the API key approach.

I get that, and the notion of AI becoming nearly free is only going to increase. Eventually, the cost of AI and its features are going to be ubiquitous. It’s akin to how cloud storage started as a premium service and over time has become almost a given with many online services.

In the context of BricksForge, the potential integration of AI, specifically OpenAI GPT, reminds me of how many platforms began integrating cloud capabilities once they realized the immense benefits it brought to users. The transition from isolated software to connected, cloud-enhanced platforms has revolutionized numerous industries. Similarly, as AI continues to be refined and becomes more accessible, it’s inevitable that platforms will want to integrate it to enhance both user experience and functionality.

My suggestion to incorporate AI as part of a subscription model, allocating a portion of the fee towards token credits, aims at democratizing access to AI, much like how some services include cloud storage in their subscription packages. Marrying convenience with this forward-looking tech integration could be a major draw for BricksForge, especially when striving to differentiate in a competitive market.

As AI becomes more prevalent and potentially more affordable, its seamless integration into platforms like BricksForge might soon transition from a luxury to a standard expectation.