Pro Form apply user edit

Hey guys,
I’m having a problem with the pro form, when I try to edit the settings of the logged in user I get a success notification, but the change is not applied.
I tried to edit several fields like username, email, nickname, with several fields I was getting a message saying that the fields were not validated, so I removed everything and just made a form to edit the nickname, with the nickname I get a notification from success, but nothing happens on the back, and that’s only on user edit. To create user, create CPT and edit custom post type everything works normally except the process of sending more than 1 file that has already been reported.
Below is an image of how the form is.

In image 4, I am sending in the admin2 input and when sending I receive the success notification in green.
In image 5, the configuration remains the same, with no changes being made even with the form being successfully sent.
Bricksforge Version: on localhost.

Agradeço a atenção.

The Meta Key should be the name of the meta key, not the output of dynamic data :slight_smile:

Replace {wp_user_nickname} with nickname and you’re there.

It worked perfectly, I think I got used to putting it to search and I didn’t even realize I was putting the wrong information.
Could you tell me which meta key to change the email? I’ve tried with email, user_email, wp_user_email and {wp_user_email}, but none changed the email.

Many thanks for the reply.

:slight_smile: I don’t think that the email is stored in the user meta. You could use the wp_update_user function in a custom action.

An UI way to update the user itself is currently not implemented :frowning: