Pro Form - checkbox required field error message

Hello there!

Checkbox is required field but there is no error message if checkbox is not selected… or is there any other way to get this error message?


Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 11.16.00

There should be a native browser notification in the browser language which prevents the form to submit (In german says: “Please check this, if you want to continue”). Just tested. Works fine. This message appears only if you try to submit the button without checking the required field.

yes but I can’t get this meessage unfortunately… can you check please on this contact form

There is something wrong with your setup:

You see two list elements, while you should have only one.

There is an unreachable required field, what causes the following error: An invalid form control with name='form-field-wahwaf[]' is not focusable.

Please re-check that :slight_smile:

changed but still nothing :frowning: :confused:

Found it. You seem to have some javascript running to change the style of the checkbox. The real checkbox has display: none. Therefore its not reachable for the browser. This way you would need some manual validation as the browser validation won’t work.

I just use ACSS .form–light class… then I will have to find another solution hm


p.s. any news for smooth scroll update? as you can see on site it is lenis critical error

Yes, the new version with the fix is coming today! :nerd_face:

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