Pro form current date and save format


I have a pro form for publishing a new post with a date picker field. I have two problems, when entering initial value as {current_date} it only gives me 01.01.2023. It’s working to show that dynamic data outside of the pro form.

The second problem is that the date is saved in format yyyy-mm-did hh:mm even though I have specified format to be d-m-Y, have not enabled time. I have selected the same format in the custom field in meta box.

Do you know what could be going on?

Hey! Thanks for reporting this. I could reproduce and fix it. Will deploy a new version probably this week. If you need a fix more urgently, feel free to send me access to the site where the fix needs to be implemented :slight_smile:

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Thanks for looking into this! I didn’t read before update so I have the new version on live site :grinning: I just change the dates manually for now after the employees have posted a trip, so I’m good for a week. The volume is not that big.