Pro Form delete post and media

Hello everyone, reading the documentation and performing tests on Pro Forms, I had 2 doubts.

  1. Is it possible to delete posts with Pro Forms? This includes deleting posts/CPT/Products, as there are so many options, I may not be seeing them.

  2. When deleting a Post/CPT is it possible to delete the media sent in the CPT creation form? Or when you update a post?
    I ask because if a post has a gallery option and the customer uploads 10 images and then deletes the post, the media is still stored unused, and if the person does this 10 times a day, have you thought about how many files are stored without use. In an update too, imagine a field for a highlighted photo, and a person is changing the photo every 5 minutes, there is no SSD that can handle something like this, in this case you would have to replace the media by removing the media already attached to the field.

Could anyone tell me if it’s possible to do this?

Grateful for the attention.