Pro Form - display (create and save) Taxonies with ACF

I am trying to find a way to insert my ACF taxonomies dynamically into the Pro Form field. And I would also like to be able to add more options to the taxonomy via the frontend.
I was not able to implement this with the instructions. Can anyone share their experience with me?

Try inserting a separate checkbox element and use a query loop in it

Hi Illarion,
thanks for your answer.
I added a checkbox wrapper and used the query loop. That pulls in the right amount of ceckboxes. How do I pull in the labels?

Change to the “Checkbox” element and input Dynamic Data as Label :slight_smile: In your case something like: {term_name}. As value, choose {term_slug}.

Yes, I tried this bevor with various inputs but did not get it to work.

Hi, Daniele!

Could you make a tutorial for this situation? How to populate a select field or a checkbox field using dynamic content like taxonomies our custom filds (ACF).

Hi Raul,
Paul C from WPTuts was so kind to make a Video about the pro forms.

Thank you. That help me. But should this kind of information be on the official documentation. I searched there and there is no reference to this. Or do I miss some thing?