(Pro Form) field not showing in submissions

I’ve created a ProForm and one of the fields is not showing in the submissions page.
Please help me solve this problem.
Am I missing something?


Any chance you accidentally gave 2 fields the same ID? Try duplicating the field with the issue and deleting the old one. If that’s not it, feel free to send logins via PM so we can take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
I have given the field a custom ID, and still the problem persists.
So I don’t think its duplicate problem.

Yes, I would like you to login. How do I send you the login info securely?

Either send a PM here but if that’s not possible, just submit a support request here-> Support - Bricksforge – The Bricks Tools that feel native including a link to this thread :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m not clear on what a PM is?
Do you mean just to post a replay just like this one?
In that case isn’t this completely public?

A PM is a Personal message, which is not public :wink: If the forum doesn’t let you send those yet, just fill out the form on our site :slight_smile: