Pro Form formatting


I am currently styling a form and there are some elements that puzzles me. I have defined global CSS elements, such as button and input field, but I cannot apply them to the form elements of Pro Forms:

  • Not sure why the button element style does not apply. On top is the Submit button and below is a standard button with the same style applied:
    Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 13.56.03

  • I cannot apply the style to the input field. I reckon this is due to the fact that the element contains the form field and the label elements and that the style is applied to the combination. In this regards and in my view, Pro Forms does not go deep enough by separating the elements. The label displayed should be a simple text element, separated from the input field elements.

I am also wondering: why are the labels capitalised. I did not find where this was set.

Thanks and best regards,