Pro Form is not shown on Popup

I tried to replace original bricks form with a pro form element on my popup template. But it is not shown on frontend.

Can you upgrade to Bricksforge 1.0.3 and try again?

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Thank you, it is fixed now.

created another post not to develop this one

Hello, have you already created 2 popups with a form and did it work? As I saw that you used a form in a popup, you may have already used more than one.
I’m asking because I’m having this problem, if I use 2 popups with a form the submission stops working, it shows sending successfully, but it doesn’t apply the functions, and if it worked for you it could be some configuration I’m doing wrong.

Grateful for the attention.

Hello, no, just one. It is called from various places on the website but it is the same popup template.

So if you are pulling the same popup from several places and it works, the problem must be using more than one popup with a form, because if I deactivate them all and use just one it works.
I posted a comment as Bug, wait and see if it is true.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Note: If the text is not very understandable for you, I’m sorry, I use Google Translate. :person_facepalming: