Pro Form / User Registration 'without' User & PW

Hi there.

We´ve set up a Pro Form and want to ‘skip’ user & pw for the initial registration. In the fields it tells ‘Autogenerated if no password is required/submitted.’

But how we need to setup these? I think we´ve tried any case. Not set the fields, set them - but leave them empty, etc. - it always requires to fill fields or say ‘Password required.’.

Best / Sascha

Hey Sascha,

the “Register User” action is running Bricks natively. They have some server side checks where some fields are required. If not set, you get the info. Where do you leave the “Password” field empty? It should be empty in the action settings. Then it should be generated automatically. Once you select a form field as reference, you will get the error notification if the form field is empty, because if you go the password way, a password will be required.

In the long run, I want to replace this “Register User” action with a custom one. But that’s not high priority atm.

Hi Daniele.

  1. Case : Set a Password field (not required) and don´t select it in the actions → Password required

  2. Case : Same as above - but without a Password field → Password required

But if this is not a Forge thing I should ask / check this in the Bricks forum.

Thank You / Sascha

Could you re-check if the same happens with the native Bricks form? :slight_smile:

Yes - it acts the same. I´ll keep You updated what´s the matter here… :slight_smile:

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