Pro Forms & ACF Create Post

When creating a post from Pro Forms submission, the custom fields do not populate/save. Not sure if this is because ACF is installed. But I can’t send fields to ACF either.

I can’t currently guarantee ACF compatibility since I don’t own it and couldn’t test it. Do native custom fields work? (Important: often they have to be ser as visible via view settings first). And arrays are not displayed at all, but exists in the database.

I think ACF disables custom fields as it overrides them. I almost got it going, BUT the fields aren’t rendering, instead rendering the ID code. See DB screenshot…

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Could you show me a screenshot of your Po Forms settings where you assign the meta data?


And this is viewing the submitted form post…

The “Form Data Structured” is the field group name in ACF

Hmm… did you try it with ACF deactivated? Would be interesting if that works then.

Otherwise: could you send me access to your site via DM? I plan to publish the best version on this week. If I find something ACF related, I could add a fix to this version :blush:

@enlive I probably understand what’s going on here! Will add the fix to the next version. But if you want, just send me access and I would include the fix to your setup :slight_smile: