Pro Forms ACF Repeater issues

I’m having an issue with the ACF repeater functionality not saving data. It just hangs up on submit and produces errors both on the frontend and the builder. Also the new field id panel is a little buggy and sometimes is blank when you click on it but once you click again it works again. I also tried saving to non-repeater fields but that works fine. It appears to have something to do with field labels because even on a blank page with no elements in the builder it brings up that issue. This is a fresh install with only ACF and Bricksforge installed. When I deactivate BF the errors go away.

Hey Mark!

So you get those errors even if NO form has been added to the page? Indeed. That’s strange. Can you show me how I can reproduce this issue? I was not able locally. :frowning:

This was just a test on a fresh install after experiencing the same errors on the local install where I discovered the row number issue. For the acf fields I have a repeater named repeater a text field named heading a textarea field named description and an image field named image. Then I have the form fields named the same as acf.