Pro Forms ACF Repeater Row Number field not working with dynamic data

It appears there might be a bug in the Row Number field. I’m using a custom function to return the loop index. It works great in a query loop but no dynamic data seems to be working in the field. When I manually enter a number I can edit and remove a row as expected but when I use a dynamic tag it adds a new row instead. I tried using a form field and a custom field inside the repeater to pass the loop ID but nothing worked. Is there already a loop index tag somewhere that I missed? If not you might consider adding one that works with the row number field.

Here’s my custom function in case I’m doing something wrong:

function my_loop_id() { return intval( Bricks\Query::get_loop_index() ) + 1; }

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 5.18.49 AM

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Oh, I can reproduce it! Will be fixed in the next version :slight_smile: Thanks very much for reporting this!

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