Pro Forms becomes Nestable!

Nestable Pro Forms

For those who are not so active on Facebook, I would also like to make the announcement here: I am currently working on Nestable Pro Forms. This will be a whole new approach to creating forms that offers infinite flexibility! With this approach, you can build the form however you want in Bricks Builder. No more restrictions through the controls! Even populating fields using Query Loops will be freaking easy!

In addition, all children of a form can be styled globally. Here is a video of the current progress :slight_smile:

I think this will be a really cool thing and a gamechanger when it comes to Bricks Forms!


speechless, you’re on fire Daniele! :fire: :fire: :fire:
If you keep going like this I’ll be able to ditch even the last little plugin cause everything will be possible using Bricksforge :smiley:

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Sounds great, but will it allow dynamic Send to Email fields? Something I’d love but can’t see how to do at present.

For now I use Forminator to send to different addresses ( and other custom data ) depending on a form field selection. The usual Send to Sales, Tech Support or Billing etc.

BTW what is this Facebook you speak of?

Hi @Daniele,

this sounds awesome! I have been meaning to write to you about this for a few weeks - ever since I saw what you can do with MetForms in Elementor. It’s just a drag & drop style in the builder - and I wished we could do that in Bricks too. Your approach now seems to be going in that direction, and that’s a game changer for me!

Since we’re already working on projects where I’m considering using BF’s form - when do you think this will be ready?

Yours (a huge BF supporter),


I plan to release an experimental version of this new approach very soon :slight_smile: In two weeks maybe.


Sounds great! Looking very much forward to it! :fire:

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We are so excited about bricksforge and great features like nestable pro forms😍

This approach brings the flexibility and power of bricks into forms. There might be infinite use cases for it

Thank you

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I’m making great progress with the development of Nestable Pro Forms. Included in this will be Nestable Card Checkboxes. With them, you can make checkboxes and radio buttons as flexible as possible! You can practically do anything with them, using the entire set of Bricks elements! :rocket:

And, the most exciting: You can populate those boxes as well using Bricks Query Loops.

You can expect an experimental version of the nestable pro forms already in the next update – in two weeks or so :slight_smile:


Something that just occurred to me that would be neat for a future version, is “refreshable query loops” for lack of a better term.

Example, say I have setup 2 cpts, X and Y, with relationship fields to each other.
In one step of the form, I loop over cpt X and create image checkboxes or whatever.
In another step, I loop over cpt Y, with a meta query to get only the posts which are related to cpt X via the relationship field.
Ideally, the loop for cpt Y would refresh once I click the next button of the previous step, only if (via toggle or whatever) I’ve set the loop of cpt Y to refreshable.

Maybe that’s already possible and I’m overcomplicating things in my head, just some pre-coffee thoughts :wink:

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Woaa, thats a great idea, @manc :slight_smile: Need to study the Bricks code for some further weeks for this I guess :smiley: :smiley: But lets see what future versions are bringing up :slight_smile:


Awsome Idea!!!

I just discovered nested forms through the docs – and just don’t know what to say. Nested forms is just crazy, this will bring up possibilities never seen before :fireworks:

Loving it, its’s just incredible how far Bricks and Bricksforge went in this short period of time. Never regret switching over – every month, there’s a new feature I didn’t even knew I missed before :smile: