Pro Forms Connection to MailPoet

Formidable Forms has this feature:

Not being a fan of the Gutenberg Editor, I’d love to be able to create my own custom forms and have them connect directly to MailPoet, so my clients can run all their email lists and send emails from inside the WP Dashboard.

I notice that WP Forms encourages people to use the “Uncanny Automator” plugin to get this done:

According to the WP Plugin Periodic Table, MailPoet is the 99th most downloaded plugin with 600,000 users.

I gotta say, I just hate the designs they have and am not a fan of working in Gutenberg to make them look decent. Wish I could use Bricks to design the entire email too.

I now notice that you have this for MailChimp & Sendgrid:

Any ETA on when and how we could do that for MailPoet? Should be even easier since it’s inside WordPress, no?

Thanks Daniele!

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Hey! :slight_smile: Will add more actions with the next releases. I will have MailPoet in mind :slight_smile:


MailPoet and Stripe are the only 2 things I want to connect to, so I’ll be happy with MailPoet!

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Quick update, I’ve moved on to FluentCRM for emails. The inclusive CRM to go with the Email system is just too powerful. Much more powerful for what I’m doing than MailPoet.

So, now I’d like to figure out how to integrate it with FluentCRM. I’ll just be switching from Pro Forms to FluentForms for now.

@Daniele do you still have MailPoet in your mind? :thinking: :grimacing:

Yes, but with a lower priority :slight_smile: Too many high priority tasks atm.