Pro Forms Dynamic Repeater Fields

Hi I have Repeater fields within my CPT I created with ACPT

I can in the select field select the repeater field as an option

Is it possible to separate the Repeater options to one per line so it lists all the repeater options If I have more than one?

As you can see it adds all repeater options in one line

In a few weeks this will be possible very easily using the upcoming nestable forms. Until then, you need to create a function that returns each options as documented here → Pro Forms – Bricksforge Docs

Here is an example where I used it to get all the posts of a cpt, just ignore the second snippet about the images n stuff → Images in radio / checkboxes - #2 by manc

I’ve never used ACPT but basically just get your repeater field in a function and then output them into an array of values and labels as shown in the docs and the example. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for this, However struggling to adapt it to get the repeater group meta field in my select box. Hopefully the release of the nestable forms is around the corner :slight_smile:

I plan to release an experimental version with the next deploy coming next week :slight_smile: